How to Create a Successful Food Truck Business: Lessons from Restless Coffee’s First Year

Whether you’re just getting started as a food truck owner or still planning out your food truck dreams, this is for you!

Hear first-hand what Christian and Tracy, co-owners of Restless Coffee, wish they knew as first-time business owners and their practical advice for anyone getting into the food truck business. 

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn: 

  • How to create a crave-worthy menu
  • Tips for delivering a first-class experience
  • The importance of community-building
  • What it’s really like working with your spouse
  • Why they decided to start a food truck business
  • What they wish they knew from the very beginning
  • And more! 

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Meet the experts

Christian and Tracy Pridgeon, Co-owners of Restless Coffee

After years of commuting in opposite directions, juggling family life, and dreaming of a better way, Christian and Tracy Pridgeon took the plunge and opened up Restless Coffee mobile coffee truck – and never looked back! By prioritizing a first-class experience, handcrafted beverages, and partnering with local businesses to bring their customers the best of Baldwin County, Christian and Tracy have built a thriving food truck business from the ground up. Today, in addition to running their food truck, they are blessed to be sharing their experiences and spreading positivity wherever they can!  #RestlessEveryDay

Meet the experts

Bill Moore

Bill Moore is a veteran food truck owner, manager of the Food Truck Training community, and author of Food Truck 101: Beginner to Winner: The Complete Guide to Fulfilling Your Food Truck Dream. He began his restaurant journey in 1977, quickly moving up the ranks from crew member to management trainer before ultimately managing dozens of locations for nine different major chains, as well as, his own food carts and restaurants. Bill finally hung up his apron and spatula in 2017 and now focuses on training new restaurant owners and food truck owners.


Ben Simmons

CEO, Table Needs

Table Needs, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of restaurant technology and business services for quick service restaurants, coffee shops, and food trucks. Built to grow with your business without requiring disruptive updates or hardware overhauls, restaurants can start where they are and add on features, like commission-free online ordering, sales tax automation, cash discount program, staff management, digital marketing, bookkeeping, and more, as goals and growth develop. For more information about Table Needs Needs visit https://tableneeds.com/